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Something has spired me to return.


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Artist | Student | Literature
United States
i do not claim to be a poet, nor a photographer. i claim to be myself and i praise the random bouts of inspiration that i find in simple things.

Welcome to my page, dears.

i hail from Harlan, Kentucky.

Twitter? @SifScar
Xbox Live? XxXKoyashaXxX

my lover is Andrew Hopkins.

gaming, anyone?
Halo. [every Halo game]
Gearhead. [every Gears of War]
Quickscoper. [MW3]
Ace. [all Ace Combats]
cosplayer. [Thor, Loki, Death Note, FMA, ect.]

Ásatrú and proud of it.

loki/thor/odin/heimdall/everyone else in nordic mythology obsessed.

thorki/frostiron addict.
go on, stab me.

real vampires and werewolves.

heart writer.
nordic mythologist.

college freshman.
[criminal justice/psychology/theatre]
break a leg.

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Awhh Merry Christmas to you too deary! :3
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Thank you :nod:
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Arrr thank ye so much fer givin' us a watch ;3 :iconhandsomeonionplz:

We truly appreciate it and hope ta see ye around when we make our releases (thursday-sunday). :iconbadassplz:

We're the fiercest poet pirates in the seven seas and we love ta have company :icondragonglomp:

We also have a facebook page if yer interested in followin' us there: [link]

-First Mate Hayes :iconelizabethswanplz:
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